ӣƵ To Attend 2017 ASC Competition

ӣƵ Builders will be attending the 2017 ASC (Associated Schools of Competition) Student Competition hosted in Sparks, Nevada from February 08 – 11.  For those unfamiliar with the competition, below is a quick overview of what the attendees will be experiencing (from the ASC website)

“Each team will be presented with problem statement materials generated by the team sponsor. These materials represent the entire problem statement and scope of work. Questions, if any, may only be directed to the problem sponsor judges. It shall be the discretion of the judges whether a response is given to any question.

Each team must strictly adhere to the specific time frames, deadlines, schedules, locations or conditions set forth in the problem. Failure to follow any of these may be cause for rejection, reduction in points or even disqualification from the competition”

ӣƵ is proud to sponsor this competition as it is a great way for students to take on real life challenges that will help them transition from college into their professional career.  Come and say hi to us at our booth (410-412) from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday (02/09/2017).  Meet some of our project managers and engineers, learn why we love working at ӣƵ so much!

One of our interns, Greg Merrill (pictured bottom right), was part of the CSU Chico team that won 1st place in the commercial competition in the 2016 edition.