ӣƵ Builders scope includes the demolition and resurfacing of the synthetic track , along with completely re-sodding the field and installing a new irrigation system. This included new hardscape, signage and drainage for the new track and field. ӣƵ utilized a continuous slot drainage system with inline catch basins to accomplish proper draining of the field. The old irrigation system was capped off and abandoned, new water lines were tied into the cities water main running under the school.

Some challenges came when we had to verify existing drainage was intact and the as-builts were so far off we ended up creating a new set. It had been reported that water had backed up through the catch basins and flooded the field. ӣƵ ended up having to camera the existing pipes and repair a main 15 feet under the field. When digging this deep in the ground we found close to 20 golf balls and discovered that this site was a driving range back in the 60’s before the school was built.